Minecrafting a Story Workshop

minecraft-with-banner-no-face What could be better than computer games and writing? When it comes to Minecraft, they go together perfectly.

I have heaps of fun at my Minecraft workshops and the kids are always excited to write. This month at Liverpool and Cannes Hill Library both sessions were fully booked and a hopeful group of waiting list kids stood at the door.

I fitted them in, of course. Who can say no to six kids that keen?

I’m still amazed at the consistent quality of the work produced despite the range of ages (once it was from 7 to 14) and range of ability. I think it’s because the Minecraft world is a comfort zone and they feel very confident writing about something they know and love.

The Minecraft world has everything a story needs and my young writers create some amazing word magic on their crafting tables. minecraft-workshop-class-scene

If you are interested in booking a Minecraft workshop, contact me here. More information about the workshop can be found here and here.

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