MONKEY FIST BLOG TOUR Day 4 – Spinning Pearls

It’s blog tour day 4 and I’m visiting Spinning Pearls where I’m talking with author and manuscript assessor Sally Odgers (too many books to name but the Jack Russell Dog Detective series and the e-Manual (Giving our Kids) A Reason to Write are just two examples) to discuss ‘the hour of the rat’ and how I get to Japan and China inside my head.

Visit the Samurai kids website to and click on the interactive map of feudal Japan to learn more about life in Samurai times.
Tomorrow you can find me at Tales I Tell where storyteller and author Mabel Kaplan interviews me about how my interest in Japanese and Chinese history has influenced the series. Mabel uncovers the meaning of Monkey Fist. the first person ever to ask me what the title means. The complete tour schedule is here.

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