MONKEY FIST BLOG TOUR Day 9 – The Book Chook

It’s blog tour day 9 and I’m visiting the The Book Chook where writer, reviewer and children’s literature advocate Sue Stephenson will be interviewing me about how my children’s reading experiences have influenced my writing. The Book Chook is also the editor of Literacy Lava, a wonderful magazine focusing on childhood literacy. It’s free and I recommend subscribing. I already do!

Visit the Samurai Kids website to download a one-act classroom play based on the Samurai Kids series.

Tomorrow you can find me at my last tour stop Words and Pictures – Writer and artist Jeffery E Doherty will be interviewing me about writing illustrated novels – the artwork, graphics and working with an illustrator.

The complete tour schedule is here for anyone who wants to hit the rewind button and go back a day or two.

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