My Bling and I

There were five of us, comparing our bling. We were all struggling writers so there weren’t any diamonds or pearls to show off but there were some beautiful creative pieces with wonderful stories to match.

And then it was my turn to show and tell.

I have three bracelets. One is made of wooden beads, bought from a $2 stand at local markets at the end of the best holiday ever. One was found in the street and brought home because “It’s so you Mum”. The other was pulled from the rewards treasure box at school. The class laughed at my son’s girlie lucky dip and the teacher offered him another turn. But he said: “I’ll keep it for mum. She’ll love this.” And he forfeited the opportunity of a prize for himself.

Total street value of my bling, adjusting for the second hand value of the bracelet found in the street, $3.50. True value: priceless.

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3 responses to “My Bling and I”

  1. webmaths says:

    A priceless post (sorry about the pun) Sandy re your bling. Would love to see pictures of these cherished items.

  2. Sandy, love this bling- the best necklace I have, I found half submerged in sand at a beach- its gorgeous- was originally going to give it to my grand daughter ( aged three) but have kept it for a story- maybe.

    Another of my procrastination techniques is to create earrings too…

  3. Catupover says:

    Bling Bling, Bling Bling….

    that’s me ringing to say I’m here to talk about Puggle!!

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