My Blogging Problem

My problem with blogging is it’s all in my head. I blog mentally all day – it’s a form of talking to myself without words. Because I am a writer those thoughts naturally organise themselves into prose.
It has taken me an embarrassing amount of time to work out why when I am full of ideas and observations, and I love to write, I am such a failure as a blogger. Having done the blog post in my head, I can’t be bothered writing it out. It’s old news to me.


Now that I have identified the problem, I’m going to make a better effort to empty out my head more regularly.

  • I am going to blog with renewed enthusiasm and purpose because:
  • I like to write and its good practice.
  • I love trawling the Internet for interesting things but I tend to forget them and the ideas they engender.
  • I like to share the things I find.

So I have set myself a challenge and given myself an ultimatum. If I do not blog at least once a week for the next four weeks I will delete my blog and never talk about blogging again!

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