Once upon a time Deb Abela wrote for children’s TV. But thousands and thousands of kids are glad that in 2001 she turned to writing books. Deb is the author of Jasper Zammit series written with Aussie soccer legend Johnny Warren, and the hugely popular Max Remy super spy series. Max Remy saw her tenth and final adventure released this year.

Deb’s latest book is completely different but every bit as good. And in my opinion, even better. A review of The Remarkable Secret of Aurelie Bonhoffen will follow tomorrow night. After you read the review, you’ll wish you had a copy. Or perhaps you already wish you did. The good news is you can win a signed copy by entering the competition on Deb’s website. See question 9 below.

Deb is an ‘absolutely awesome’ speaker (and that’s a quote from a kid I know who attended one of her recent presentations). No-one I’ve ever heard or heard of can inspire a classroom of kids to be creative like she can. No, more than a classroom, a schoolful, no, the Sydney Town Hall full. You get the picture! She’s in great demand but always has time for the her fans, even the older ones who come begging with questions in hand!

Here are the questions and Deb’s answers:

  1. The last children’s/YA book you read (fiction or non-fiction) Broken Glass by Sally Grindley about two young Indian brothers who are forced from their home. They live on the streets and collect and sell broken glass for a living.
  2. If it wasn’t an Oz title, then the last Oz title The Locket of Dreams by Belinda Murrell about a young girl from Sydney who travels back in time to 1850’s Scotland with the help of an old locket.
  3. Name one favourite book from your childhood Professor Branestawm by Norman Hunter about a wacky professor and his inventions that always go very very wrong.
  4. Name one picture book that you love for the illustrations Ah! There are so many but if I could choose one of the MANY many that I love it would be Pearl Barley and Charlie Parsley by Aaron Blabey. I want to eat those illustrations they look so delicious.
  5. What is your personal favourite among the books you have authored/illustrated Ooooh that is too hard. When I first get an idea for a book it is very small and tiny and when I stay with it, I love watching it grow and characters coming to life and plots unfolding. So each book is very special because it is part of that magical process.
  6. What book do you wish you had written – for love or money? I find each books that I love very special and clever – I rarely wish I had written it. I just enjoy savouring it.
  7. If you could be a character in a book, who (or what) would you be? It’d be fun to be Max Remy or Aurelie Bonhoffen, my new character. I’ve always wanted to be a spy like Max Remy and to live on a seaside pier amusement park like Aurelie…even though she has that remarkable secret too.
  8. Do you have a favourite quote – from a book or life in general! I guess I’ve always thought to live the life I want to live right now – not wait for it to come later.
  9. How can readers win a signed copy of your latest book? All they have to do is go to: www.deborahabela.com On the front page is an invitation: ‘Win a copy of Deb’s Latest book’ Click on that and you’ll be able to read about The Remarkable Secret of Aurelie Bonhoffen. To enter the comp you need to get your parents’ permission if under 18 and answer this question: What do you think Aurelie’s remarkable Secret could be? I’m not looking for the actual secret but the 5 most imaginative and creative answers to the question. Get thinking!!

Deb is a totally plugged in author. View the trailer for her lateest book here and visit here website here.

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