OZ LIT PROFILE #4 – Sarah Davis

Today I’m profiling illustrator Sarah Davis whose work I first discovered when I opened the pages of Mending Lucille (J R Poulter/Sarah Davis)/ It’s a beautiful book and Sarah’s illustrations reached out to me. And now I’ll admit a secret. I’ve had this profile ready for a few weeks but I thought I would keep it up my sleeve for when Mending Lucille was shortlisted in the 2009 Children’s Book Awards. I was so sure it would be – and last Tuesday it was – for the Crichton Award for new illustrators.

So it’s celebration time. Australia has many truly talented children’s illustrator’s and it’s my pleasure to be interviewing one of them. And that’s not just my opinion. Or that of the CBCA. Look at the list of Sarah’s coming publications for 2009: The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy by Sue Whiting (New Frontier Publishing), Fearless, by Colin Thompson (ABC Books/HarperCollins), The Fierce little Woman and the Wicked Pirate by Joy Cowley (Gecko Press) Marmaduke Duck and the Marmalade Jam By Juliette McIvery (Scholastic). Then go and have a look at the portfolio on her website. I promise fifth picture down in the first column will make you smile.
1 The last children’s/YA book you read (fiction or non-fiction) The Ogre Downstairs by Dianna Wynne Jones. i read it to the kids because it was one of my favourites when I was a child. It’s about an evil stepfather and a mysterious magic chemistry set… it’s interesting to see how dated some of is now – the dad smokes a pipe and the girls do all the housework – but still an awesome story.

2 If it wasn’t an Oz title, then the last Oz title… Loathing Lola by William Kostakis, which is very funny and clever – like the author!

3 Name one favourite book from your childhood The Brothers Lionheart by Astrid Lindgren – a very sad and beautiful adventure story

4 Name one picture book that you love for the illustrations Varmints, by Helen Ward.

5 What is your personal favourite among the books you have authored/illustrated Of the ones that are already out, Mending Lucille by Jennifer Poulter. I have a few in progress at the moment that are shaping up all right…

6 What book do you wish you had written – for love or money The Arrival, by Shaun Tan. I’d die happy.

7 If you could be a character in a book, who (or what) would you be I always have trouble with these questions… There’s so many to choose from… um… how about Matilda, from Roald Dahl’s book? You can’t beat having special powers and the attitude to match.

8 Do you have a favourite quote – from a book or life in general! Anything. “Every day is a journey, and the journey is home”. – Basho

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  1. thanks for the mention, Sarah, and congrats on the shortlisting! 🙂

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