OZ LIT PROFILE #5 – Tony Davis

Today’s OZ Lit profile is Tony Davis, author of a number of fiction and non-fiction works for children, including the best-selling Lemon! 60 Heroic Failures in Motoring!

But in our house he is mega-famous as the author of the much requested bedtime reading- the Roland Wright series. We love Roland and we love swordplay of any kind!

1 The last children’s/YA book you read (fiction or non-fiction) Simon French’s Where in the World, mainly because my eleven-year-old son was given it for his birthday, and partly because i thought anything with that many award stickers on it must be at the very least interesting.

2 If it wasn’t an Oz title, then the last Oz title

3 Name one favourite book from your childhood Alice in Wonderland … can i mention two? Animal Farm. Or three? The Phantom Tollbooth. And then there was… I better stop.

4 Name one picture book that you love for the illustrations The Boy, The Bear, The Baron, The Bard … though I have some bias there as it’s the work of Greg Rogers, who illustrates the Roland Wright books. You have to like it for the illustrations too, as there isn’t a single word to be found. By the way, for the US Roland series (the first two are launched in September) the publishers have redrawn the covers using a different artist, though Greg’s pictures are inside. I’m told they know their market best. I hope so.

5 What is your personal favourite among the books you have authored/illustrated Hard to say, but i think The Mad, Mad World of Sports, a non-fiction title from last year that was a little overlooked, perhaps shouldn’t have been ‘a little overlooked’. Nice Leigh Hobbs illustrations too.

6 What book do you wish you had written – for love or money There’s two questions there. I wish i’d written The Great Gatsby for its warmth, elegance and sheer class. And the Harry Potter series for its renumeration.

7 If you could be a character in a book, who (or what) would you be? You’ve stumped me there. I think i’d rather be the person inventing the characters.

8 Do you have a favourite quote – from a book or life in general! Anything. I have far too many quotes clogging up my brain from songs, poems, plays, books and films. Today’s favourite: Noel Coward supposedly telling a method actor ‘don’t just do something, stand there.’

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