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Some time ago I blogged about teaching poetry to a class of ten-year-olds.
I did six sessions and had heaps of fun. But best of all, I think I convinced most of the kids that poetry can be fun.
I’ve finally got around to posting the six Powerpoint Presentations on-line and you can download them here:  Teacher resources
Feedback and corrections most welcome!
The presentations include:
  • introduction to a range of different poets, from Andy Griffiths to Banjo Patterson
  • viewing poetry from different media
  • interactive links to web site activities and YouTube
  • class group and individual activities

The presentations are:

  • Poems that Make Us Laugh – with Andy Griffiths, limericks and fractured nursery rhymes
  • Poems that Make a Noise – with Michael Rosen, literacy devices such as rhyme, rhythm, refrain, alliteration, onamatapoeia
  • Poems that Paint a Picture – with Dorathea McKellar, language and literary devices such as imagery, simile, metaphor and personification
  • Poems that Tell a Story – with Banjo Patterson and Alfred Noyes, writing and editing a story using techniques learned to date
  • Poems that Make a Shape – with Basho the samurai haiku poet, haiku, concrete poems, conquain
  • Poems that Make No Sense – with Edward Lear and Lewis Carroll
References to example poems have been provided where copyright excludes their reproduction.

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2 responses to “Poetry Powerpoints”

  1. Sandy, this is such a great idea. You must’ve been a teacher in a past life. 🙂 I bet the kids LOVED it. Did they have a favourite sort of poem?

  2. I wanted to show the kids that poetry could be interactive not just words on a page. I think I did that.

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