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You know the sort of friend who is always muddling up dates and tuning up late? Their heart is in the right place but their had is sometimes not. I’m afraid that’ sme today. But I’m still excited to be part of Riley’s blog tour and to share the ‘secret’ Riley told me when I interviewed him.

Hi Riley. It’s thrilling to meet a world traveller such as yourself and to share your adventures through you books. Of all the places in Australia you zoomed through in search of the Curious Koala which was your favourite?
First can I say – I think your books are so cool, Sandy! Mum has let me start reading them, even though they’re still a little old for me. I think it’s so awesome to be on your blog (**blush**).

Well, as for my trip around Sydney – it’s so hard to pick my favourite place, but I think it would be Luna Park… I had to fly in really close to those teeth and they almost knocked Panda flying! Actually, they did knock a jam sandwich out of his paw, and he wasn’t happy. We had to land and get him some fairy floss to make up for it.

I also liked the beaches – I wanted to go for a surf but I had to watch Lion – he goes a bit bananas at the best of times, and he’s not a good swimmer. He ended up making the coolest sand castle, though. Of course, Dragon slept through it all. Oh, and Taronga Zoo was really amazing, too.

Will you be coming back to Australia to visit the Curious Koala again?
Oh yes – I really want to. I was going to visit Vietnam next year but mum says she thinks it might be more fun to stay closer to home for now. I really love Melbourne and I’m super keen to get to Perth. Tassie, too. I want to visit all Australian states.

Where did you learn to fly such a cool looking plane? What sort of a plane is it?
My dad took me on flying lessons when I was three. I was a bit wobbly at first and had training wings for about a year but pretty soon I was flying solo. I love being able to jump in that plane and go anywhere I like. My mum and dad are really cool like that.

And the plane is actually a biplane. That means it has two sets of wings. It’s sort of a dusky red. The Red Baron had one of those. Mine is made of tin and the prop is a bit old and wonky but it still flies well. The Red Baron’s biplane wasn’t made of tin. It also has these super dooper special effects – like inbuilt floaties in the wheels – that were created by Kieron Pratt. He’s like that guy – Q – in the James Bond movies that makes high tech and really cool things… he’s really clever like that. When we visit Adelaide, the book will be set under the sea (because the animal we’re hunting for is a sea-creature), and Kieron is already working on the plans to make my plane water-proof. It’s going to be sooooooo amazing.

I’m actually getting a bit worried about the lack of space in my biplane… on each of my book adventures, a new friend joins me and follows along on the fun, so I’m thinking I might have to haul a double decker bus behind the plane eventually. Or we might have to walk. Would be a long trek to Antarctica…. Hang on a sec… Muuuuummm! Can we do a book set in Antarctica?
I’m just getting dinner, Riley, can we talk about this later?
Sorry. I’ll have to get back to you on the Antarctica thing. I really want to go to Disneyland but Dad reckons it would be a feat in litigation-dodging. I don’t know what that means.
What did your friends think of Australia?
Actually, they’re used to it now. They’ve been living here for nearly two years and of course – Koala is a local. We do nip off to Beijing and Hong Kong every few months to visit Dragon’s and Lion’s family. And Panda has always been with me. We adopted him from China when he was a baby – right when I was born.

Can we have a hint where your next adventure might be?
It’s a toss up between the Californian coast, Melbourne or Vietnam… Mum and Dad took me and my sister Ella to Tasmania last year and I though that was really cool – they have lots of scrumptious things to eat there. Maybe it will be Tasmania. Maybe your readers could vote for their favourite place?

Thanks for having me, Sandy. YOU ROCK!

***I’m crossing me fingers for Vietnam! And I’m glad you like my books too.

from Riley

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  1. I’m voting for Tasmania. We’ve just been there and there are lots of places to land a bi-plane and explore. I spent my whole time looking for a platypus, so I wish you luck, Riley!

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