Sandy writes. And sometimes she rewrites. Which is what I am doing now. My editor and I have had a big talk, talk, talk about Mexica Runner (due for release March 2010) and I am loving the new ideas that came out of our discussion. Chronology has been an issue. I began Mexica Runner in 2007 immediately after Polar Boy. When Samurai Kids evolved into a series, I put Mexica Runner aside to write Owl Ninja (book 2). That was a long time ago – two more books and one and a half manuscripts ago. My writing has grown with practice and experience. Some of the imagery and phraseology has accidentally seeped into subsequent Samurai kids books and needs to be removed. What was once unique is now a little too much like the voice of another charcater. There’s bit of work to be done but every new idea I touch flows perfectly. So I can feel the rightness of these changes.

I’m loving this rewrite.

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