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In Praise of Sisters (especially mine)

I only have one sibling. She’s younger than me. And wiser, braver and stronger. We’re like chalk and cheese. She lives out the back of nowhere on a farm where the internet… Continue reading

Scrolling down

Sometimes you scroll down to the end of a web page and find… treasure! Booktopia supports Australian authors and yours truly. Thanks guys.


Today I have my fancy dress on – the one with the shiny things on the front, my coloured glass jewellery (more shiny things) and gold sandals – OK I’m not much… Continue reading

Tuesday Writing Tips Blog Tour

Today I am talking with Dee White as part of her Tuesday Writing Tips Blog Tour. Dee is the author of the excellent YA novel Letters to Leonardo and blogs a weekly… Continue reading

Children’s Book Covers

I’ve heard it said a million times: You can’t judge a book by its cover. But we do. Myself included. And right now, I’m glad we sometimes do – because I’ve seen… Continue reading

The Questions Kids Ask #1

No questions are off limits during my school visits. Question time is my favourite part of any session. So often, in answering a question, I learn something about myself and my writing… Continue reading