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The week in review #1

Do you ever feel like you get nothing done? And you can’t believe you wasted all those hours with zilch to show for your effort? I’m like that most of the time. I read a few… Continue reading

When the Blogosphere Speaks, I Listen

I love it when the blogosphere speaks to me personally. Over on my good friend Di Bate’s blog Writing for Children, author Sherryl Clark is writing a post for me. Not that… Continue reading


Today is one of those days when nothing gets done. Not a thought in my head or a task in my diary is complete enough to constitute a post. I am reading… Continue reading


I have just discovered Teaser Tuesday thanks to Just Listen Book Reviews – where I also discovered some great reviews and a teaser for Penni Russon’s Undine that has me hooked. Tuesdays… Continue reading