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Week 3-4 #STUBC16: Where I Want to Visit

Week 3 of the Student Blogging Challenge is  free choice and Week 4 is “About Your World”. Some of my students are doing Activity 7 “The Place I Would Like to Visit Most”. That… Continue reading

A Word About Word Counts

I’ve heard it said you shouldn’t count the words. Write what you want to. Let the story do the driving. Don’t be distracted by the numbers. In a perfect Utopian literary world… Continue reading

About those ninjas

I’ve always been interested in ninjas. I have a collection of reference books and there are ninjas in two of the Samurai Kids series books – Owl Ninja has Japanese ninjas and… Continue reading

Storytelling Maths: One book = One series

“What if you had to write another Samurai Kids book and you couldn’t think of anything?” a Year 6 boy asked. “Oh that could never happen,” I said. Or could it? I’ve… Continue reading

Just for Fun

Ever wanted a ninja to slash your name on a wall? You can find a ninja text generator here


SCAN is the quarterly subscription journal of the NSW Department of Education Curriculum K-12 Directorate. It’s full of useful information for authors who want to know what’s happening in the world of… Continue reading


Recently a young reader asked me “Where did you get the idea for Mitsuka Manuyoto?” Mitsuka is a character in Owl Ninja, the second book in the Samurai Kids series. Throughout the… Continue reading