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Something Special Happened to Me this Week

I’m often called upon to defend my enjoyment of Twitter. I love the exchange of knowledge, the hubs of creativity and gathering of like minds. I love the way people champion causes and… Continue reading

The Book Faeries Cometh

The Christmas book faeries came to visit me last week and left a string of lovely reviews for Sad, the Dog in places I never expected to see them – the Sydney… Continue reading

Discovering Art

Recently I was interviewed over on Word Mothers and I let slip that I was 46 when I discovered that I wanted to write for children. This little snippet of age-based information… Continue reading

How to Review a Picture Book – Sad the Dog Blog Tour Day 4

I’m thrilled to introduce Anastasia Gonis, one of Australia’s most respected reviewers of children’s literature. Anastasia has written reviews for Good Reading Magazine, The Reading Stack, The Age, The Herald Sun and Bookseller… Continue reading

An invitation

It’s a digital party. I hope you can join us. A touching look into the life of an unloved pet and the heart-warming journey towards finding your true home. Sad, The Dog… Continue reading

Sad the Dog: Free Knitting Pattern

In a bright light bulb moment about six months ago, I decided it would be a good idea to have a knitted Sad to help tell the story when I was reading Sad,… Continue reading

#pb10for10 Ten Picture Book Memories

For 2015 #pb10for10, my first time, the picture books I’ve chosen are not connected by a theme but they are the ones that have a place on my shelves forever because of the… Continue reading