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An Excuse and a Repost: When a Series Ends

I looked at the date on my last blog post and its a very significant one – a week before my total thyroidectomy operation. I had an excellent surgeon but unfortunately there… Continue reading

Nevada Young Readers Award

The best thing about writing for kids is feedback from young readers. Kids know how to make an author feel like they have written the most wonderful book in the world. I… Continue reading

Keira High Iquanids

Year 8i (code name Iquanids), an all boys English class at Keira High School, is reading Samuari Kids: White Crane with their teacher. Yesterday I was lucky enough to spend an hour with the… Continue reading

I love feedback like this *grin*

The wonderful feedback I get for the Samurai Kids series never ceases to amaze me. Sometimes it even makes me cry. I am a big sook from way back. I cry in… Continue reading

Week 17, 2010

It’s taken me a year and a half to work it out – but then I am a slow learner – finally I have realised what I should be blogging about. It… Continue reading

Storytelling Maths: One book = One series

“What if you had to write another Samurai Kids book and you couldn’t think of anything?” a Year 6 boy asked. “Oh that could never happen,” I said. Or could it? I’ve… Continue reading

SAMURAI KIDS in a spin

Now that I’m an expert at embedding YouTube videos here’s another one I found. I recognised the book immediately *grin* And no I didn’t make this. A much more clever 18-year-old called… Continue reading


What My Children Are Reading is a meme hosted by The Well Read Child. It’s a terrific idea about sharing what your kids are reading and a great way to get ideas… Continue reading