The Week That Was #0

To force my self to be more accountable (to me) for time wasted and procrastinated, every Friday I’m going to post a brief roundup of my week. This week was a short one, with two public holidays, and it’s not really 2017 anyway but I’m getting started and calling it Week Zero. I’m aiming to hit all 52 weeks next year, so may as well start now.

I read a book: One Would Think the Deep by Claire Zorn. Brilliant Aussie YA. The sort of book that takes you away from wherever you are. I read the first draft of the first chapter too. #brushwithfame #smile

I edited: One complete pass of Blue Boy, Red Day and I’m half through the next and hopefully last edit.

I visited: Dimity Powell’s new website. So good-lookin’. And Lynnette Noni’s website (see next). I read 189 blog posts in my feed reader. I didn’t learn anything new but I did feel inspired (and exhausted by Tania McCartney’s beautiful Christmas Day photos)

I found: a book to add to my reading pile and discovered an author (and a series) I hadn’t read yet thanks to a recommendation from Anna Corboy (@AnnaCorboy) on Twitter. I’ll be reading The Medoran Chronicles by Lynnette Noni as soon as I get my hands on the first two books (book 3 is out in April 2017 so I’ve got time to catch up).

I did: some digital house cleaning and sorted my Twitter lists.

I scheduled: three blog posts, not including this one. I’m still patting myself on the back about that. *smile*

I Trelloed: (if it’s not a verb it should be) all the foodstuffs in my freezer in keeping with my 2017 goal not to waste food. Everything is listed and use-by-dated. I’ll just maintain it on my phone when I shop and cook. It’ll only take a few minutes and is worth every one of them. I am embarrassed by what I had to dispose of when I cleaned out the freezer.

I also Trelloed my 2017 Goals but that’s the subject of a scheduled post. I read an interesting post by Nicole Avery at Planning With Kids about having a single goal for 2017. I was tempted and while I’ve learned some wonderful stuff from Nicole’s blog over the last 12 months, I don’t think I’m ready for just one goal yet.

And I did some (paying) work stuff and family stuff.

2016 was not the best of years – mostly due to serious family health problems – but I’m feeling good about 2017 and celebrating the small things.

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