The Week That Was #3

It was a solid week. Mostly filled with editing. One more week should do it and then Blue Boy, Red Day will be ready leave home. Manuscripts are like children. It’s a wrangle all the way but hopefully they come good in the end.

So this week:

I reviewed Olive of Groves and the Great Time Slurp by Katrina Nannestad and Lucia Masciullo and the  Tommy Bell, Bushranger Boy series by Jane Smith for the Sunday Telegraph Funday (Sunday 29th January)

I learned a pearl of wisdom from Basil Huffenheffenheimer and Katrina and blogged about it here.

I  edited – a lot

I received  How to Fake a Fairytale in the mail. It’s an anthology produced by the Ipswich District Teacher-Librarian Network and contains short stories written by attendees at their holiday writing workshop, Write Like an Author, led by Brian Falkner. I had the privilege of editing it. It’s an uplifting experience to work with such dedicated and talented writers.

I was given a gift – Secret Japan, Colouring for Mindfulness. It’s the perfect antedote to unholidaying.

I trelloed 
a kitchen cupboard. Meaning I recorded everything in the cupboard and it’s ‘best by’ or ‘use by’ date on a Trello board. It’s all part of my 2017 goal to waste less food. I found  a bottle of salad dressing that expired in 2010 and ten cans of Sweet Chilli Tuna!While it’s taking time to set up, it’s proving easy to maintain and I’ve managed to interface it to my shopping list and menu plan. I love having all that at my fingertips on the phone. Even cooking dinner at night is getting easier.

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