The Week That Was #6

Six weeks in and going strong. The idea is if I keep this thread going then other posts will wrap around it. So far, and it’s early days, I’ve duped myself and the strategy is working. I’m very partial to thread imagery tonight as I’ve been researching the Ancient Greek Fates.

I reviewedyou and me by Debra Kelly and Karen Blair and The Grand Genius Summer of Henry Hoobler by Lisa Shanahan for the Funday section in the Sunday Telegraph. The latter is my favourite book of the year so far. It’s such a real and familar depiction of a family and friends camping holiday. 

I read
Creative Journal Writing by Stephanie Dowrick. A friend gave it to me for Christmas a year ago, but journal writing never made it off my To Do List despite my enthusiasm. It’s about to big time as I’m facilitating a Seniors Week Workshop on Travel Journalling,something I first tried way back in 1991 when I went to the US and Canada for three months.

I caught – two new Pokemon. I now have pesky Ditto (which was hiding out as an even peskier Rattata) and a Lickitung. Lickitungs are currently everywhere, part of the Valentine’s Day pink-up of Pokemon Go.

I wrote – a lot. A chauffeur gig for #2 son saw me waiting around the mall for 4 hours so I parked myself in a coffee shop and wrote. Until then, I never realised how much of a distraction email is. Algernon and the Outside Girl now has 9,548 words. Unfortunately, there’s one big problem with coffee shop writing – cake (in this particular case, a delicious lemon and lime citrus tart).

I wasted – time with YAWG– a lot of time playing on my iPad. Yes, I embarrassed to admit it but now my name is nicely entrenched on the leader board, I can move on.

I’ve been listening toJohnny Clegg and Savuka. Spirit of the Great Heart is an all-time favourite and the lyrics are currently very timely. A song that begins with “the world is full of strange behaviour” is spot on.

I’m looking forward to  – the return of Goggle Box. I’m not a TV watcher by choice. I sit on the lounge with my laptop and glance now and then at what everyone else is watching. But for Googlebox, I close the laptop lid and get ready to laugh.

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