I’m feeling just a little bit famous blog-wise – I’ve had a (small) helping hand in inspiring a meme! I’m pretty chuffed as I only learned the word ‘meme’ two months ago. Which reminds me, I must send it to The Word Spy and find out where it came from. I love The Word Spy website. Today I emailed in ‘boogle’, a group of weasels. You can read about that here.

But back to the meme. The Well Read Child is now hosting What My Children Are Reading. It’s a terrific idea about sharing what your kids are reading and a great way to get ideas from other bloggers for new books to read with your children? Your posts can be a list of books you’re reading with your kids, books your kids are reading on their own, old favorites that get picked up again and again, summaries of your favorite books you love to read together, books you just started reading with your kids, etc.

So here goes. #1 son (17) is reading Short. It’s an anthology of Australian short stories compiled by Lili Wilkinson. He’s reading it as research for his Extension English project. It looks great and when I sneaked a peak at a few stories – it is great. I’m reading it next.

#2 son (9) and I are reading a review copy of Greatest Blogger in the World by debut author Andrew McDonald. It hasn’t been released yet so I won’t go into details but suffice to say it is not only inspiring #2 son to read (when I refused to read another chapter tonight he said defiantly “I’ll read it myself then”) but it also inspired him to write. He’s going to blog!

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3 responses to “WHAT MY KIDS ARE READING”

  1. Let us know when he starts his blog. Every blogger need followers to encourage them.

  2. Great website(s)Sandy!I’m impressed!

  3. SANDY says:

    Thanks Jeff. I’ll drop you an email shortly #2 son will be thrilled to get a comment. And thank you Karen. I’m always thrilled to get a comment too!

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