Words are Not My Friends

Things are tough at the moment. Illness in the family. Work overload. Writing is a challenge I am finding hard to concentrate on. Words are not my friends.

Words do not love me back
they harass, push and bully me
to write, write,write
more, more, more
even though I am too tired.
They will not let me sleep
or stop to eat
or clean my teeth.
They do not care about me.
They scream inside my head,
bellowing that I am not good enough
to write them down
and that I have ruined everything.
They demand to be thrown away.
But when I crumple the page
and turn off the light
they make soft kissy noises in the dark
until I sit back down
to try again.

Tonight, words laugh at me.

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3 responses to “Words are Not My Friends”

  1. Powerful poem. Hope the words start to behave and you feel better soon. (And be kind to yourself.)

  2. Sue Whiting says:

    Sandy, this made me cry. Perhaps the words (and you) need a rest. Take care of yourself.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful. And heartbreaking.
    Hugs to you my friend xxx
    Tye 🙂

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