All workshops address the National Curriculum areas Language, Literacy and Literature and include student workbooks or worksheets

Workshops can be tailored to suit Years 3 – 8 (ACELT1599,1600,1607,1621, 1632, 1682,17,14,1725,1794)


Minecrafting a Story – This workshop uses Minecraft to teach narrative writing. Students build a Minecraft inventory containing their story elements. They use a crafting table to craft stronger description and stronger action. Output: Inventory of story elements, a story set in the Minecraft world.



Writers Toolbox – Exercises teaching five simple techniques to improve classroom writing



Mapping a Story – This workshops uses a map to teach students to plot. Students draw a map with a range of dangerous geographical features such as The Mountains of Terror, then use the map to mind map a story Output: Plotting mind map, two pieces of writing (setting and action) based on individual maps.



Just Imagine – Guided story writing from picture prompts